Yoni Steam Seat


A yoni steam bath provides gentle and effective support for women’s wellness. It is an age-old practice, respected by women and holistic heaters around the globe.

This woman’s treatment is used with steam herbs gently and effectively cleanses, tones and revitalizes a woman’s center, providing a benefits from reduced menstrual cramps to increased fertility.

Yoni steaming is said to support one’s natural feminine cycle and help you heal, relax and detoxify both physically and emotionally. It is said to help with endometriosis, pelvic pain, uterine prolapse constipation and PCOS.

The Yoni Toilet Seat Sitz Bath removes gynecological vaginal inflammation steam.

Type: Yoni Sitz Bath
Material: Food Grade Plastic
Color: Pink/Purple/Blue
Size: Approx. 39x36x15cm/13.36×14.81×5.91″

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Vagina steam Yonisteam Bidet Chinese Herbal detox steam
  • Designed for pregnant or postpartum women, prostate male, elder and new born babies. Also used as nursing basin after hemorrhoid operation

  • Reinforcement design on the basin edge, to enhance bearing capacity, wearable and durable

  • Smooth surface, not easy to breed bacteria, easy to clean

Package included: 1X basin (with or without spray tube)
Note: Please allow slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a little color variation for different display setting. The picture are only for reference, please make the object as the standard.